Our solutions for the grocery
industry are designed to streamline the recurring shopping process and enhance convenience

We incorporate innovative functionalities to simplify grocery selection, automate shopping processes, and ensure an agile checkout process

Our specialized app development revolutionizes the grocery shopping journey, offering innovative functionalities to enrich recurrent shopping experiences. We understand the unique challenges faced by grocery retail eCommerce businesses, so we provide efficient solutions to improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth in the competitive online grocery market.


Convercus (Loyalty)


Google Analytics

Use Cases

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Segmented Push

Create segmented workflows for different purposes as for example welcome coupons, renewal campaigns, target campaigns for related products.

Select your audience matching criteria and set up a workflow that will automatically send a push notification to your customers when triggers are met.

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Interactive Shopping Recipes

Customers can explore a wide variety of recipe options, discover new dishes, and access detailed ingredient lists. This functionality aims to simplify the meal planning process by providing step-by-step instructions, cooking tips, and nutritional information, empowering customers to make informed choices about the ingredients they purchase.

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Grocery Lists

Improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and foster customer loyalty by providing a valuable tool for effective grocery planning and shopping.

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Scan and pay

The goal is to enhance convenience, save time, and improve overall customer satisfaction by offering a frictionless payment option.

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