Wallet Passes built for Mobile Wallet Marketing

Wallet passes are the new, simplified loyalty apps. JeriPass is the latest mobile wallet marketing tool, designed to boost retention and engagement through seamless omni-channel experiences.

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Join The Mobile Wallet Revolution

This industry leading companies already WOWing their customers with mobile wallet experiences.

Yves Laurent
Accor hotels

Discover the Power of Mobile Wallet Marketing

Enhance engagement in your loyalty program by delving into your customer's wallets

Wallet Push Notifications For Higher Impact

The native pass has actively configured push notifications by default, ensuring messaging is always front and center. Opting out is an option, opting in not a requirement, for seamless engagement.
It's a matter of fact that Wallet push notifications stand out from other marketing channels.

enable push notifications
The enable-first approach will boost the number of users actively receiving your notifications.
Channel CTR
Push notifications have an impressive click-through rate compared to other communication channels.
*Source: Mobindustry 2022
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Simplify Your Sign-Up

JeriPass transforms loyalty program registration into a 2-click breeze. Less time signing up, more time enjoying perks. Enroll using a link, QR code or NFC functionalities in your POS.

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Loyalty Adoption
Easier than any other market option, the native way to get more enrollments
< 20s
registRATION time
The time needed for an anonymous user to join your platform
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Customised registration form
You decide what information a customer has to give o be enrolled  in your loyalty program.
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Password-less system
Customers can manage points or rewards without passwords, they are always logged in automatically.

Make the Most Out Of Your Loyalty Program

With JeriPass, enjoy a fully branded Web App experience that lets you effortlessly manage your loyalty pass and rewards, ensuring a smooth interaction for better engagement.

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Deploy your Pass
You can easily obtain your production pass in under an hour.
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reward interaction
With our frictionless solution, customers spend less time finding your rewards.
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Full Branded WebApp
Configure and adapt the Web App to your branded loyalty requirements. Display balance, rewards, tiers, experiences.. Set up gamification functionalities with our custom Add ons.
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Marketing Perks
Reduce CAC and increase LTV with JeriPass. Don’t let a cookieless environment affect your marketing performance, using a first-party data tool that benefits all parties.
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Mobile Native Functionalities

Discover how Mobile Wallet Passes can be an alternative to mobile Apps, leveraging mobile features and functionalities that provide seamless omni-channel experiences.

Install on Shopify

Increase customer loyalty interaction by +50% 

We compiled a complete document about Mobile Wallet Marketing applications and use cases to guide our clients in how to elevate their Marketing Strategies with the integration of Wallet Pass.
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How JeriPass works

Engage your customers effortlessly with our ready-to-use Wallet Passes. It only takes a few minutes to be up and running!

Simple pricing, comprehensive solution.

Pay a monthly fee for every 1000 customers. Launch easily. Spend wisely.
Grow sustainably.

For small businesses


45€ / Month
First 1,000 passes free + 25€ per additional 1,000/month
Install on Shopify
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Customizable wallet pass
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Marketing push notification
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Location-based push notifications
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Customized web app
For medium to large businesses


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+ Enterprise support
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Enterprise Support
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Custom integrations
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Bespoke Feature Builds
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Dedicated development support
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How do you count the installed wallet passes?

Apple and Android link each wallet pass to their cloud, ensuring that when a user installs a pass on a device, it becomes available on all their devices. However, only one installed pass is counted per customer and platform for the jericommerce invoice.

What is JeriPass?

JeriPass is a tool that enables interaction with users via Wallet Passes and Web Apps designed for marketing purposes, focusing on retention and engagement. User data, workflow design, loyalty programs, and e-commerce, for example, can managed on specific platforms for these purposes. JeriPass integrates and connects all this data and functionalities, operating as both a Wallet Pass and a Web App.

Why should I choose JeriPass as my Wallet Pass Provider?

Unlike other competitors, JeriPass bridges the gap between Wallet Passes and Loyalty Programs by offering a customizable Web App. This allows users to interact with the loyalty benefits directly, not just through links as other wallets do.

How does JeriPass integrate with my current loyalty program?

JeriPass seamlessly integrates with your existing loyalty program via flexible integration options, including APIs and SDKs. This guarantees compatibility with your current systems and workflows, ensuring a smooth and straightforward integration process. We integrate seamlessly and out of the box with different loyalty systems, like for example Convercus Loyalty, the market leader in Germany.

Can I use JeriPass as a complement to my Ecommerce/Loyalty App?

Certainly. JeriPass can be a great enrollment option for your Shopping or Loyalty App, the Jeri Shopping App is one of it. Wallet Passes represent an additional channel, that provides great sign up performance. It has proven an effective way to engage customers in loyalty programs..